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Take a moment to look back at some of the biggest social media happenings from the spring. Have you adapted your strategies to fit the new landscape?

Say ‘hi' to the latest ace in our lineup: our new Community Manager, Nadja. Besides playing volleyball in her spare time, she is a hard-hitting specialist in all analytical aspects of social media and content marketing. However, Nadja doesn’t limit herself to new media. For instance, she is a passionate photographer – preferably with an 80’s Polaroid! We are so happy that Nadja chose to join us and are already thrilled that we get to hang with her. Her calming presence is a godsend to our buzzing office. Welcome!

Patchwork is like a well-oiled machine, but even those need maintenance. Today, we are working with professional coach, Lars Rohde Henriksen, to help Patchwork sew even more seamlessly.

Today, we're joined by our Swedish and Norwegian offices, so Katrin Bjørk - genius food stylist par excellence - can share her best tips, on how to take better and more beautiful photos, for all of our food brands. Our courtyard has never been more delicious...!

When you've got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.

Today, Adweek – the world’s second-largest advertising-trade publication, features our video for TWIX! That’s pretty cool, if we may say so.

We had twice as much fun working on this! We proudly present our latest collaboration: Coffee with a TWIX!

So many things have been happening in the world of Social Media! Check out some of the most news-worthy events right here:

Yesterday, Facebook laid out their 10 year plan for all to see. This plan included: Facebook Messenger Bots replacing customer service tellers and news sites, VR getting more wearable than ever, and internet getting beamed down from the sky! Read more here:

Snapchat just issued a big update to its app with a bunch of added chat features. People can now communicate with friends and brands by instantly switching back and forth between video and audio calls, notes, stickers and text messages. Learn more about the major upgrade here.

The internet is buzzing with the news about Instagram changing its algorithm. Are you worried this will affect you as a brand? Stay up to date here, we will be sure to let you know when and how this will affect you. Until then, check out the latest chatter surrounding the topic:

Imagine a world where your refrigerator buys milk before you run out, and your shoes know the fastest route to your next meeting in town. Well, SXSW 2016 showed us, that the future is here! Therefore, brands need to think about what unconventional services they can provide, and how to add value to the consumer experience.

At the SXSW sessions last week ”moments” were mentioned again and again. Thanks to Smartphones and social media, we no longer only share pictures and ideas produced by mass media and the marketing industry - quite the opposite. More than anything, we share our own pictures and ideas. These are the things that make up our “moments”. Brands need to ask themselves: what moments can we be a part of?

We are part of SXSW! This year Virtual Reality (VR) is talk of the town in Austin. 2016 has been predicted as the year, when consumers will start to adopt the technology. For brands this means a great Patchwork of opportunities to engage consumers with immersive content.

We’ve sent two of our strategic minds to get inspired by the greatest minds and latest trends at SXSW. If you aren’t there yourself, we will give you all of the highlights on March 31st at breakfast, starting at 8:45 in our Copenhagen office.

It's hip to be square.

The same type of algorithm, you know from Facebook, will soon be put into effect on Instagram. The impact on brands? You have to serve up even more relevant content, if you want to stay at the top of feeds and minds.

Hvad sker der, når man tager 2 kommentatorer og hypnotiserer dem til at tro, at de skal kommentere Champions League-finalen, mens de i virkeligheden ser en helt anden kamp?

The internet is ruled by cats and dogs, and now we get to play along! We’re happy to announce Pedigree as our newest client. We get to help with the launch of Dentaflex in the Nordics.

February was an unusually cold month in most parts of the world, but Social Media never rests. Check out last months highlights in our latest newsletter.

In this video for Dolmio, we asked Danish parents and kids: ‘How would you spend extra time with your family?’. The answers gave food for thought.

Say ‘Hello’ to our newest addition to the Patchwork team – Line! Line joins Patchwork as a Senior Client Manager, with lots of experience from the creative agency landscape. She is the epitome of a team player, and we are already loving her positive energy in the office. When she leaves the office, she goes home and relaxes with interior design tinkering or kayaking on the local lake.

Meet one of our newest Patchworkers – Maria! Maria is a sharp and talented Senior Client Manager. She has a knack for detail and will be working with exciting clients like Jack Daniel’s and CoRo. Maria has been both agency-side and client-side in her career, and she will bring a ton of quick wit to Patchwork. In April, Maria will travel to Berlin, to complete a half marathon – on rollerskates!

Hvordan gør man den ikoniske Matilde-pige digital? Den udfordring tog vi op. Se resultatet her:

Not only is he a passionate dancer with a soft spot for hip-hop - he also juggles almost all the areas within communication, from press releases to social editing. You can be sure to share good laughs when Tobias is around and we're happy to welcome him as our new Community Manager!

It's cold and grey outside - so here is January's Social Media Highlights to cozy up with over the weekend. Enjoy!

Being best in class is not really important...
Said no Patchworker ever!

We are happy to announce Joakim Antelius as the new CEO of Patchwork Sweden. Joakim has a strong commercial and creative background, working with engaging marketing for almost two decades - and now he is ready to take Patchwork to the next level in Sweden. We are beyond excited about the journey ahead!

Meet Bjørn - our new Social Editor. Before becoming a Patchworker, he's been working for Roskilde Festival, Soundvenue & Metroxpress. Besides being a skilled communicator with a creative mind, he's great at (watching) football & is a trained musician with a few released CD's in his luggage. We're happy to have him on board!

Vi søger en ny og dygtig Patchworker, der brænder efter at arbejde med markedsføring på sociale medier, og som samtidig kan udfylde en koordinator-rolle i travle kampagneperioder.

Choosing bread can be somewhat a jungle. We therefore helped Kohberg stand out in the competitive market. The perfect recipe consisted of gaining points, spinning the wheel and turning points into lots of fun.

If you didn't have time to read last month's Social Media News, alongside the Christmas preparations - here is your guide to December's Highlights!

Selv de mindste ting kan gøre en forskel. Se her hvordan vi sammen med Solgryn bringer smilet frem på en regnvejrsdag.

She's a senior client manager with no fear when handling big accounts - the truth behind the cliché "handling many things at once". Outside of work, music is one of her biggest passions. So much, she has even worked in the industry, developing music concepts. Besides that, you can be sure that this girl brings positive atmosphere and a lot of humor to the table.

Hov, hvad sker der her? Babyen har vist fået fingrene i julegaverne lidt for tidligt i år. Se den lille jule-babys perfekte, uperfekte jul, på Baby&Me's Facebook side i morgen.

Patchwork søger en deltids Community Manager!

It can be difficult to stay updated about the fast moving Social Media world. Read the November Highlights in order to learn about last month's exciting news.

You are what you share.

Bosch Syneon takes saving energy seriously and this also goes for you, especially for the right moment. We helped showing “how" in this video… Take a further look here: Bosch gør-det-selv DK Bosch gör-det-själv-jobb SE Bosch gjør-det-selv NO Bosch DIY & Garden UK

Today we proudly announce that Egmont Publishing is investing in Patchwork Group. We look forward to growing the business with a partner that appreciates great content, as much as we do…

Vi søger en Senior A/V Creative - er det dig, så læs mere her

Magi kan opstå på mange måder. Se her, hvordan vi sammen med Solgryn sørger for lidt ekstra stjernestøv til din morgenmad. http://bit.ly/solgryn_morgenmad

Vi søger en Senior Copywriter! Er det dig som er vores nytænkende tekst- og idémager? Så læs mere her…

Hvad mon vi filmer? Vi kan ikke afsløre det endnu, men hvis du er en handyman og klarer tingene selv, er dette helt sikkert noget for dig! Stay tuned på Bosch gør-det-selv på Facebook og Instagram. #boschdiydk #tipsogtricks #bosch #handyman

Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.

If you didn't have time to stay updated about October's social media news, don't despair - here's the highlights.

Några klipp som ett par miljoner människor sett. Gör det du också.

Et dankort er ikke længere kun et dankort. MENY tager det til nye højder og lancerer en ny måde at handle på. Patchwork står bag lanceringskampagnen, der starter i denne uge…

Det begynder at blive koldere og mørkere udenfor. Få varmen med denne dejlige mokka-opskrift fra Matilde

Hi there, awesome playlist with great tunes for a better workflow! Feel free to sound lovely through my speakers. bit.ly/worktober

Möt Rydberg. Hon har bättre koll på appar än hela Sveriges niondeklassare tillsammans. I dag testar hon Periscope och säger vad hon tycker.

Sometimes we go viral.

Vi er på udkig efter en ny Patchworker i form af en senior projektleder. Er det dig eller nogen du kender?

"Om ditt innehåll inte fungerar på Instagram idag kommer det inte fungera bättre bara för att du nu kan köpa dig till exponering.", Emma Blom.

Wonder what this is? Be patient friends, we’re going to keep you waiting just a little bit longer! Don’t be surprised if you see it somewhere in Scandinavia soon, but expect something 30 times bigger.

Efter fem år i gamet bestämde vi oss för att dela med oss av all kunskap inom content marketing. Kolla in vår hemsida för att se fler kurstillfällen. patchworkgroup.com/se/kurser-seminarier

Today we welcome Patchwork Denmark’s new creative director, Martin Beuschau (bit.ly/martinbeuschau). In addition to being a creative and digital multi-talent, he also has a past as a guitarist on a hit single from 2000, which supposedly sold close to 1 million copies. We’re all excited to discover more secret skills from this new Patchworker!

Skal snapsen være kold eller varm? I livets allerstørste spørgsmål kan det være nødvendigt med eksperthjælp. Få svaret i denne video, vi har lavet for Aalborg Akvavit.

I forbindelse med kampagnen: Raider er tilbage har vi kigget lidt nærmere på 90'ernes ikoner. Det er dog ikke alt, der fortjener et comeback.

Patchworks team af handymænd og -kvinder var med Bosch Danmark på håndværkermesse i denne uge.

Funktionen på allas läppar just nu.

Det här är inget du vill missa. Eller?

Alle vil ligne Matilde! Huset Markedsføring skriver i dag om vores kampagne for Matilde, der har engageret mere end 100.000 danskere.

90’erne er tilbage i stor stil, og MARS® leger med ved at bringe RAIDER® tilbage i en begrænset periode. Alle Patchworkere er trukket i Buffalo-støvlerne og er klar til at gøre kampagnen til en succes. https://www.facebook.com/RAIDERertilbage

Så er der breaking news fra vores egen front! Patchwork overtager 'Curious' og får i den forbindelse nogle lækre chokolade brands på kunde-hylden.

Huset Markedsføring skriver om vores content-samarbejde med NordicBet.

Today we're discussing content strategy with our music loving friends from Spotify... We wonder if handwritten Facebook updates is the new black?

Det där med Facebook kan vara knivigt ibland.

Our Copenhagen team dressed up for the occasion, when shooting this fantastic video for ARLA’s Baby&Me.

Vi delar mer än gärna med oss av vår kunskap.


Det kan godt være, at sommervejret ikke lægger op til de helt store smil, men vi er alligevel i højt humør. Vores nye kampagne for Matilde kakao-mælk er nemlig gået i luften og har på bare tre dage fået en overvældende respons. Et hav af brugere har allerede indsendt billeder til jagten på det sejeste, sødeste, sjoveste Matilde-look, og vi glæder os over den flyvende start på kampagnen, der kører frem til 6. september. Se kampagnen her:

Vattendelaren: varför åker du till Almedalen? A) För mingel och nya kontakter. B) För seminarier och diskussioner.

Nästa vecka är det Almedalen! Vi är där och ger dig de tre viktigaste tipsen för att lyckas med dina sociala medier i höst. Ni hittar oss på HejDigitalts innergård. Vi ses!

Next week: Meet Emma Blom, CEO Patchwork Sweden, in Almedalen. She will be presenting three things, important to take into account when producing your Content Marketing. Do you want to have a chat with Emma? Come join us at HejDigitalt. We will be there Monday through Wednesday. #hejdigitalt #almedalen2015 #almedalen #svpol #visby #patchworkers #socialmedia #socialmediastrategy

We've booked for the sun to come later and we are ready to welcoming you at our Copenhagen roof top terrace #patchworkers #housewarming

Trods regnen og slå et smut forbi vores housewarming i dag. Det skal nok blive sassy ;o)

We’re getting ready for housewarming in our Copenhagen office tomorrow and we´re looking forward to seeing you. Remember to drop by for a glass of champagne and take a fun picture in our selfie box #housewarming #patchworkers #comeandsayhi

We’re getting ready for housewarming in our Copenhagen office tomorrow and we´re looking forward to seeing you. Remember to drop by for a glass of champagne and take a fun picture in our selfie box.

I dag er vi til Markedsføringsdagen #mdag15 #patchworkers #komogsighej

En ny adresse kræver en fest - derfor er du inviteret til vores housewarming på fredag. Vi håber at se dig - tilmeld dig her:

Brænder du for sociale medier? Lever du med din smartphone i hånden, og er du ambitiøs, idérig og kreativ? Vi søger en passioneret Social Media Manager. Er det dig, eller én du kender? Læs mere her:

Vi filmer endnu et meet n' greet #ramusseebach

I dag filmer vi meet n' greet med Ankerstjerne og Rasmus Seebach. #ankerstjerne #rasmusseebach

Vi havde en fest med Gammel Dansk på Distortion igår. Rollatorsampling Gammel Dansk Top Scenen #GammelDansk #aldrigsomandre #cphdistortion #patchworkers

Sammen med Hjerteforeningen sætter Solgryn fokus på hjerterne under mottoet `Hvad banker dit hjerte for?´. Vi har udviklet kampagnesitet til Solgryn og aktiverer på de sociale kanaler. Se med her:

Rock’n’roll! Vi har lavet en lille film fra High Voltage Rock Club, hvor der var mange hårde testsmagere af Jack Daniel’s nye variant Honey. Se med her:

Doritoskanonen er på vej ud i Københavns gader til Distortion 2015. Grib din sample ved Assistens Kirkegård onsdag og Dybbølsgade torsdag. #doritoscannon #cphdistortion

It’s time for Distortion and we are bringing the Doritos cannon to the party again! Check this infographic on the Instagram activated sampling cannon and meet us in Copenhagen this week. #doritoscannon

Endelig kan vi løfte sløret for den spændende konkurrence, vi har lavet i samarbejde med disse 2 flotte fyre…

Patchwork Norway is growing.

When Dr. Oetker’s staff of genius product developers came up with the mind-blowing concept, the pizzaburger, it became our job to introduce this brilliant piece of true soul food to the Danish market. See how it all worked out and get to know the unequalled game of fork-dart:

Sammen med Spotify har vi været ude og filme et par af Danmarks største stjerner. På fredag løfter vi sløret for, hvad de har at fortælle jer… Glæd jer.

Fifty Shades of Blue #patchworkers #corporateblues

It might be a year ago, but we’re still proud of this campaign. Take a look, and tell us what you think.

Skarp på at udvikle strategier og koncepter til sociale medier? Vi søger en dygtig og dedikeret strategisk planner. Måske er det dig, eller én du kender? Læs mere her.

#DoritosCannon - Instagram activated chip cannon.

Please keep your fingers crossed - tomorrow is the Creative Circle Awards 2015 and we are shortlisted in the Social Media Campaign category #excited #humblebrag #creativecircleaward

BorderShop wanted to communicate their low prices and wide range, so we turned their catalogue into an online game. Play “Guess the Price” on 5 different products and win great prizes instantly. Try it out here:

I denne uge lancerer Dr. Oetker en samling opskrifter på skønne kager under navnet `små mesterværker´, og vi har hjulpet med at få universet kickstartet på Dr. Oetkers Facebook-side, der passende nok hedder Kagerullen. Vi har udviklet en app, hvor Kagerullens mere end 100.000 fans frem til uge 28 kan deltage i konkurrencen om flotte præmier ved blot at uploade et billede af deres lækre bagværk eller dessert efter eget valg.

The liberation of Denmark. We #patchworkers pay our respect #freedom #1945 #respect #70years

Bye bye Kasper #patchworker #newjob #savinglives

I næste uge introducerer Sun Lolly et revolutionerende nyt produkt! To garvede testsmagere tyvstarter her med deres bedømmelse. Ikonisk brand, dygtige børn og en lækker, cremet verdensnyhed – man kan næsten ikke bede om mere.

For nylig hjalp vi NordicBet med et lille social marketingstunt, der hurtigt voksede sig stort. Målet var at lave sjov med kommunikationen mellem superliga-klubberne, og det falske brev fra Hobro IK til Brøndby IF har nu sat et smil på læben hos flere hundredetusinde fodboldinteresserede danskere. Vi er selvfølgelig glade for succesen - og for at få bekræftet, at man stadig kan få social marketing til at gå viralt, når bare indholdet er godt nok.

Meet Emma #officedog #patchworker

Venindetøj #bureautwins. #patchworkers

Today we proudly welcome two brand new Patchworkers. Malou and Birgitte will join the hard working team in Denmark. #welcome #patchworkers

Today we proudly welcome two brand new Patchworkers! Community Manager Malou Eskling and Project Coordinator Birgitte Beckmann will join the hard working team in Denmark.

We are so proud to be shortlisted alongside TBWA and BBDO for the prestigious Creative Circle 2015. We are nominated for Gammel Dansk 'Aldrig Som Andre'. Cheers

We are so proud to be shortlisted alongside TBWA & BBDO for the prestigious award, Creative Circle 2015. We are nominated in the Social Media Campaign category for Gammel Dansk “Aldrig Som Andre”.

We are extremely excited to move into our new offices at Visbygade 16, Copenhagen. Expect lots of after work drinks and good times on the new roof top terrace.

Living in a box. All boxes are packed and ready to go. We are moving our office in Copenhagen to a new address. New office welcoming you on Friday April 17th. Stay tuned for more info.


#solformørkelse #sværatse

Vi er taget til smw #smwcph #memesdk

#lego #kreakontoret #fastelavnermitnavn

Patchwork julehygge #bingo

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