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In 2016, 10 million Scandinavians rediscovered the value of local business.



When you aim to create an experience of localness, you should invest part of yourself. If you want a person to open up and tell you their story you have to converse – and shut up and listen. That is what we did. In fact, we listened for 33.667 hours when you add up the time we used on the 150 Scandinavian business interviews we did during the summer of 2016. Why did we do this? You might ask.

Eniro had asked us  to develop a Nordic campaign that would make you, me and our neighbors realize the importance of all the things we can find just around the corner – within the local neighborhood.

We could easily have said it, yelled it out, boosted it, however, first and foremost we chose to listen and share the experience – unfiltered and authentic.

So we listened. And the main story began to take shape as it was cut into a film based on anecdotes, family histories, secrets and peculiarities, which could be used as triggers on Facebook and engage the target audience on Instagram, YouTube and on Eniro’s own website.

Case | Eniro

[What did we discover and why is it valuable?)]

Millions saw the campaign in Scandinavia
Millions video views

With curiosity as our main purpose and reality as our setting we created a people-driven campaign that our target audience liked. In all modesty, they actually loved it.

About 10 million Scandinavian people have seen the campaign, more than 200.000 people have involved actively in the campaign and the movies have been watched more than 5 million times.

Most importantly – the campaign has strengthened the pride among the local business owners and the customers loved it.

Case | Eniro

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